Hartmans Rocks Nearly Ready!!!

So with the ski season almost over everyone has been talking about when Hartman Rocks Recreational Area will be ready. I have to get in shape some how for the Arizona Trail Race, but its tough living in a place where snow is on the ground until June. I’ve been to Fruita, Salida, and have done some road riding but I need to get on some local singletrack. I’ve been trying to get the latest scoop on the conditions and when the singletrack might be ready for bikes! I would not know unless I went out there and scope out the trails. Jacks Trail is usually the last to melt out as the trail is mostly north facing. So I decided to hike up Jacks to take a few photos.

I also walked on pipline a little bit and that too has plenty of snow on it. I looked around noticed all the trails around were snow free, Becks, Skyline, and Rocky Ridge. People seem to think its going to take two weeks but I would say were a week out especially with the the super nice forecast ahead.

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