Pictures of the week 4/8 – 4/14

 Well we received a foot of snow on the 9th here in Crested Butte. To bad the lifts were not spinning.

 but we decided to skin up the mountain to get some turns in.

 Bowie getting his work out chasing between Lindsay and myself.

 We planned on meeting Ray Harter on the mountain to drink some beers and ski down. we did just that.

 We found this guy and his snowmobile on the mountain. Snowmobiles are not allowed on the ski area after closing. he did not know that.

 We had are own little party, good times.

 Just before the sun rise.

 Bowie Chilling!

 Ray Harter and I made our way to Salida to get some biking in late in the week.

 Still unsettled but the temps were in the high 50’s. The trails were a bit on the wet side but still fun!

 Its been unsettled all week, the clouds below the Butte.

Today’s view out of the window, another big storm hit the area last night.

Winter is still here. Being a biker its a love, hurt relationship. We need the precipitation.

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