2013 Kokopelli Trail Prep

Today I set off to Moab, Utah for the Kokopelli Trail Race Ride. Where a bunch of us biking idiots will set off at 12:30am (saturday morning) in route to Loma, Colorado. The 143 miles is mostly dirt road, with some paved road, and singletrack. Its not easy however with the roads being a mix of loose rock, ledges, and sand. not to mention the 17,000 feet of elevation gain. anyways whatever, its another unsupported race and boy are they fun/hard/dumb?

So here is my gear list to not only share with you but to help me understand what I need.

On my bike:

  • Revelate Design Gas Tank (front top tube bag)
    • 4 Cliff Bars
    • 4 Cliff Shots 
    • Bag of Trail Mix
    • 2 Protein Bars
    • 6 Fruit Leathers
    • 6 Emergency Packets
    • 2 Snickers 
  • Jerry Can (rear top tube bag)
    • Aquamira tabs
    • 2 curved needles
    • tape stick with thread, duck tape, electrical tape, and athletic tape
    • extra Batteries for flashlights
    • Spot device
    • Ipod shuffle and headphones. 
    • Replaceable Clear Lenses
    • Sunscreen
  • Jandd saddle bag
    • Spare tube 
    • Tire levers
    • Mulit-tool
    • Patch kit
    • Quick link
  • Garmin Etrex 30 on stem
  • Cateye Mitty on bars
  • Fenix LD 20 on bars
  • Two cages
  • Two bottles
  • Hand pump connected to cage 

On Me:

  • Backpack:
    • Arm Coolers
    • 2 Co2 cartridges (40 gram)
    • Co2 infiltrator
    • Spare shifter cable
    • zip ties
    • Another tube
    • shock pump? (still dialing in my re built fork)
    • Pearl Izumi jacket
    • Tire boots
    • Extra Stan’s sealant
  • Wearing
    • Sugoi Bibs
    • Hincapy jersey
    • PI base shirt
    • PI Arm Warmers
    • PI knee Warmers
    • PI under Cap
    • PI thermal Headband
    • Giro Aeon with Fenix LD 20 mounted
    • Giro DND gloves
    •  Smith Eco Shades
    • Alp X enduro shoes
    • Confidence, Hope, and Luck

Ill Be using my 2013 Specialized Stumpjuper Comp Carbon 29er. With Time pedals and Maxxis Icons.

If you would like to track me go here, I hope to finish some time in the afternoon on Saturday.

If your interested in the route Check out 2pedal.com for the Kokopelli Trail Guide, and many other maps and guide books.

Here goes nothing!

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