Well it has arrived, one of the highlights of my summer, The Vapor Trail 125. I have been hearing a lot about how hard it is, but little about details. I’m coming off of a very long recovery from the Colorado Trail Race (CTR), much longer then I had imagined. I feel good, well rested, but not nearly as strong as I did before the CTR. Excuses excuses, I know. Like every race, I set a goal. It’s always the same goal, and it always will be… FINISH. I know we all run into bumps in the road, but there is no reason for me to just quit. The reward is too great to quit, but avoiding the thought is nearly impossible, at least for me.

The Vapor Trail is a 125 mile race that starts at 10pm on Saturday, September 7th in beautiful Salida,Colorado. We will ride through the night and into the day, until we reach Salida again. I will join the other racers as we climb 20,000 feet of elevation, at an altitude much above where many of you live. This will be the 8th annual Vapor Trail 125, and I am a rookie to the race. Fortunately, I have ridden close to 1/3 of the course this year while doing the CTR, Salida’s Big Friggin Loop, joy riding, so that is slightly comforting.


If you want to track us nut jobs, go here:

Also Check out the race website here:

All I can say is I love biking, and I’m so excited to put the Vapor Trail 125 to the test!

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