Balancing Act

The year of 2013 was one hell of a ride. I did a whole lot; worked, played, raced my bike-a lot, skied-a lot, and visited many new places. It was by far the my most fulfilling year of my life, yet, I wanted more. I wanted more work, I needed more money to pay for my expensive habits, but I really just wanted more life experience.

A little background of my family, my grandparents worked their butts off to support both my mother and father’s families. This lead to my parents working very hard to support me and my two sisters. They both grew up outside of Detroit, both working jobs during college to make ends meet. They both found jobs in the Chicago area and decided to give the Windy City a whirl, they never looked back. My dad found a job in real estate and development for McDonalds, Penera Bread, Starbucks, Chipotle, and now Starbucks again. He also was in the army reserves. My mother worked her way up in the school systems. Starting as a teacher and ending as a superintendent of a k-12 school system. With various board member seats in between all of that. What I’m getting at is you need to work to be happy, pay the bills, and have all of the luxuries in life you wish to have. I know most families work their tail ends off to make things work, but having a front row seat to my parents life has truly been a learning experience.

This summer I wanted more, I was presented with a job opportunity that would be too stupid to pass up. Its a job where I can work remotely from home, which is nice. It was a tough transition, working while the sun was up would be difficult as I am used to working evenings. The past two summers all I did was go for bike rides, hikes, and relax, then go to work at 5:00pm. It was nice, especially after college. But now, I am confined in my house, squeezing in hour rides when I can. When I took the new job, I continued to work my night job, and the means working roughly 70 hours a week. There was not much free time to sit back, watch a movie, and drink a good IPA.

Things briefly slowed down for me, bike season came to a halt and the ski area had not opened yet. I was just working, and it was fine, It did make me a bit more aggravated. I then took on the task of organizing a fat bike race series here in Crested Butte. Although, its taken up a lot of time. I’m more passionate about it then my other two “paying” jobs. Even with the short time frame of organizing these races, we at least will be having 2 to 3 races in Gunnison Country this year. but thats for a different day, all of this has made me realize what is most important in life. What I want to do, and what I don’t want to do. Its all about balance, and right now, I’m a bit off kilter. I have a good idea what I need to do, and I should just do it.

Mcaskill sure knows how to balance it out.

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