After living in Chicago for most of my life, I relocated to the Gunnison Valley in January of 2008. I graduated from Western State College of Colorado in December of 2010. Since then I have been obsessed with mountain biking and skiing. My job as a security agent at Crested Butte Mountain Resort keeps me just afloat, yet adding some excitement.

Ever since I graduated College at Western I have taken it relatively easy. Ski in the winter and bike in the summer, It was simple and fun. Change needed to happen however, I became motivated. I had to, I needed to start making more money, if I wanted to continue to live the dream in Crested Butte. I also made a few goal for the summer as far as mountain biking went. I decided I wanted to do more racing, and attempt some bikepacking races. 3 years ago a friend and myself bike the Colorado Trail in 10 days, completely self supported. This really sparked my interest in the bikepacking, which was very new to me at the time. So I decided to take a stab at the Arizona Trail Race. After a crazy and difficult race, I told myself I would never do something like that again. A few weeks when by and all that pain and suffering made me think of how rewarding it was, I started to crave more. I knew at that point I wanted to take on the Colorado Trail Race.

After the Arizona Trail Race I decided to dive into a few other races. The Kokopelli Trail Race, the Gunnison Growler, and Salidas Big Friggin Loop were next. In between then I wound up on a local bike team, Griggs Orthopedic – Team GO. This was another Goal of mine, however I had now intention of achieving it this fast. It feels good to finally be apart of a team. The last time I can say that was when I was on the Western State Lacrosse team, and even that was not much of an organized team at the time. I relaxed a bit after those races, attended some concerts and weddings and road my bike here and there. Until the highlight of my summer, the Colorado Trail Race. What a race it was, It was tough, I knew it would be, but it was so rewarding.ff5de-img_2718

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Neil,

    I just want to say I thought your AZ Trail race was a great effort, especially after the technical difficulties/challenges. Most would have thrown in the towel.

    • Steve,

      Thanks, a trip down to Arizona cannot be waisted because of a mechanical. The goal is always finish, but it took a while to recover financially. Are you in on this years 300? I’ll be there again.

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